Louis Antoinette – Jade Dress

This is the ideal summer dress. It is loose and flowy without being so loose and flowy that I could fit a 110-inch flat-screen TV under there; it has fun features AND it covers my bra straps – ideal I tell you!

This is the Louis Antoinette Jade Dress. Unfortunately, this lovely French pattern brand closed down last year and I have been kicking myself that I didn’t stock up on every pattern they ever made. The instructions were great, the fit is great and the pattern overall is…wait for it…..great. You can still buy their printed patterns at various retailers, I might give in to that temptation at some stage as I really enjoyed making this!

The dress came together relatively quickly. Unfortunately, you can’t see them very well on my dark fabric, but this dress has super cool darts at the front of the dress. I really like the open back with the strap to 1) hold the dress up – important on a loose-fitting garment and 2) hide my bra strap – win! The dress has front, back and armhole facings which were relatively easy to insert. The only thing missing was that the pattern should tell you to understitch the facings. I know to do this but given the pattern is aimed at beginners who might not know, I think it should be included.

I did need to shorten the straps a fair bit (standard for me) but in retrospect, I was perhaps too conservative with my strap shortening and will take them in further if I make this pattern again. I also shortened the length of the dress.


My fabric is from an op/charity/thrift shop in Edinburgh and is a light cotton. It’s a really lovely floral print – not something I usually go for but then again for £3 how could I resist?

Oh, before I forget, I always manage to mess one thing up with each garment I sew and you know what I managed to do to this dress? I SNIPPED A HOLE IN THE CENTRE FRONT! Right as I was cutting notches into the centre-front V, I notched the front of the dress with it. I ended up just stitching the hole together by hand in a matching thread and my husband assures me no one can see it but for the future – be careful when notching!


Overall, I am super happy with how this dress turned out and can’t wait to wear it out once the weather gets warmer!

Pattern: Jade Dress

Designer: Louis Antoinette

Designed for:  Wovens

Fabric choice: Cotton (likely a poplin)

Size: 38 (My measurements are – Height: 159cm/5’2, Bust: 88cm, Waist 73cm, Hips 96cm)

Modifications: Shortened the shoulder straps, shortened the length of the dress

Difficulties or future changes: Shorten the shoulder straps a little more.

Recommend for: Confident Beginners

Happy sewing!

G Xx

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