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I feel like the Mira Dress is the most popular pattern from Fibre Mood. I’ve seen so many fantastic versions of this dress that I needed to make my own. I’m not a huge fan of loose dresses but I hoped that this beautiful viscose from Milliblus would have enough drape to fall nicely.

This pattern received the usual adjustment treatment: Shortening the tiers and the bodice as well as narrowing the shoulders. I should have narrowed the shoulders a little more, but I second-guessed myself when I saw that my usual adjustment would basically cut the shoulder in half! I guess these patterns are drafted for relatively broad shoulders.

The pattern itself comes together nicely and there’s nothing particularly complicated about the pattern – a confident beginner with experience gathering and sewing sleeves would manage this. The neckline is finished with a facing and there are no zips.

The bottom tier could do with being a bit wider so that there is more gathering, but perhaps that was a design choice from Fibre Mood to use less fabric.

After sewing the dress together I put it on and…didn’t love it. I know a lot of people love this boho style but on me, I feel it looks a bit like a gathered potato sack. I took it in at least 4cm on each side for these photos and I’ll likely take the tiers off, shorten it, add darts at the front and back waist and then gather the tiers tighter before I wear it out this summer.

That’s not to say I don’t like it, I just don’t love it yet. The bodice needs more shape and the amount of fabric swinging around me is excessive.

I like the gathered tiered dress trend but this one is just a little too loose for me. If I were to make another one I’d try the Kibadoo Nelina or the Deer and Doe Myosotis. I think the lower neckline balances out the design better and I like the darts for shape in the Myosotis pattern.


Pattern: Mira Dress

Designer: Fibre Mood Magazine

Designed for:  Wovens

Fabric choice: Viscose

Size: 38 (My measurements are – Height: 159cm/5’2, Bust: 88cm, Waist 73cm, Hips 96cm)

Modifications: Narrow Shoulder Adjustment, shortened the bodice and tiers

Difficulties or future changes: None

Recommend for: Confident Beginners

Happy sewing!

G Xx

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