Fibre Mood – Arlette Skirt

Arlette, how I wanted to enjoy sewing you…

First thing’s first: I love the final result! I wear this skirt constantly and the issues I had were not 100% down to the pattern. I also really like Fibre Mood. It’s a lovely sewing community, the patterns are always super wearable and the instructions are usually solid.

However, I want to be honest and the truth is that this project was a small nightmare.

Pattern issues: For reasons that to this day remain unclear to me, there are multiple piece 5s on the pattern sheets (5A, B and C) and I couldn’t find an explanation of what the difference was anywhere. I even asked in the Dutch-language Fibre Mood group and they didn’t know! I ultimately took the longest piece 5 and hoped for the best. The pattern itself shows piece 5 – waistband A, piece 6 waistband B – so maybe there was a printing issue and piece 6 is printed as 5B? But then what is 5C for? Maybe the other alphabetical pieces are meant to be for interfacing?

The pictures also show the skirt tied together, but the pattern only calls for one ‘belt’ to be cut…I cut two anyway. Maybe one of the waistband pieces is supposed to be long enough, but by then I’d been guessing which was the correct waistband and apparently chosen incorrectly so it was now time to abandon the pattern and do what I wanted.

As such, I decided to the make the second belt twice as long to tie around my back and meet on my right side – I felt it was safer given the only thing holding the skirt together was a snap button on the inside. I like the finish but I think it would have been much nicer to simply cut a waistband that was long enough to tie together using both ends.


Now for the self-inflicted troubles: This fabric is wonderful and swishy and….cheap. I only had to look at it and there’d be another run in the fabric! That being said it is black so I just grabbed a sharpie and coloured the runs in…don’t judge me, I didn’t want it to go to waste!

I also couldn’t for the life of me remember if I had added the seam allowances to this pattern but 1) I hate it when patterns don’t include a seam allowance, it’s not difficult to do and there are standard seam allowances that can be included without making me do it. 2) I decided it didn’t matter anyway because it’s a wrap skirt.


I was right. It didn’t matter and the fit is great. I didn’t make any fit adjustments at all!

Although I won’t be sewing this pattern again – and honestly if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve made other Fibre Mood patterns with more success, this would have put me off – it has become one of my favourite skirts. It pairs really well with dressy tops, t-shirts and jumpers. I think I’ll look for a pattern with a similar silhouette that is shorter, a one-piece tied waistband instead of a waistband in multiple parts with another piece for the tie…and then I will make all the skirts!

Pattern: Arlette Skirt

Designer: Fibre Mood Magazine

Designed for:  Wovens

Fabric choice: Rayon

Size: 38 (My measurements are – Height: 159cm/5’2, Bust: 88cm, Waist 73cm, Hips 96cm)

Modifications: Added two ties, guessed what to do with the waistband

Difficulties or future changes: Confusing pattern pieces, not convinced about the waistband construction, poor fabric choice. I also think I should have shortened it a few inches.

Recommend for: I probably wouldn’t recommend this pattern, there are better Fibre Mood patterns (e.g. the Mira dress)

Happy sewing!

G Xx

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